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About Us

 “ We are not selling our products, we are selling our beliefs”

We are a fabric / textile custom window treatment manufacturer and distributor. Our products include luxury fabrics, drapes, shades, and blinds. We customize our products to satisfy residential and commercial clients' requirements. As a manufacturer and distributor, we have ability to sell all of our products at lower prices.

Why we start from a lower price than all other competitors

 This idea got its start in 2016 when my aunt passed away. She was severely disabled, and my brother and I were the only family living close to her. As our parents were busy when we were little, she was the one who took care of us. Because of her disability, she could only turn her head and raise her hands below her shoulders. We were extremely close to our aunt. I had a special connection with her as  I remember living with a learning disability when I was younger. While my classmates learned how to do things with ease, I struggled to keep up.  My aunt, who had her own disability, taught me how to overcome my perceived disadvantages and focus on my strengths.

On the obsequies I heard my brother promise her that as a doctor he would try his best to heal those who were like her. As someone on a different path from my brother, I was saddened by the thought that I could not do the same to directly help those in need to honor her. 


After I began my career and gained a better understanding of the market and my role as a business owner, I realized I can help the community in my own way. I make my prices low and affordable for all in the hopes that my customers will donate to charities focused on helping children and adults with disabilities with the money saved. I also donate with every purchase. 


This is why we are not selling our products; we are selling our beliefs.


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